A construction which forms part of the ancient City Wall, and which lost 10 of its 25 metres height as a result of an earthquake in 1825. Built at the end of the thirteenth century in the Almohade style, the Calahorra Tower housed, together with another smaller watchtower located opposite, the Lucentina, the most important entrance gate in the City Wall, which led to the road to Alicante. In the XV and XVI centuries an extramural manor house, with two floors and a basement, to make use of the “almudín”, the grain store of the time.

It is a prismatic construction, rectangular in shape, which widens at the base to increase its stability. It now measures 15 metres in height, but originally exceeded 25 metres. Wear and tear over time and the earthquake of 1829 both caused serious damage to the two upper parts, which had to be dismantled. The various renovations undertaken by noblemen of Elche completely changed its structure. Both the windows and their crenellated brick finish are of Occidental Neóarabic style of the XIX century.

Some of its rooms house frescoes of early XX century design with panoramic images of the city. A particular highlight, on the ground floor, is a room with Egyptian decoration and Masonic designs, meeting place of the Masconic lodge which was founded in Elche in 1858.

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