The Raval, a quiet neighbourhood full character and history, is an ideal place to enjoy a night out. Its pavement cafés, tapas bars and other night spots offer a family atmosphere and a very warm reception.

It is better to walk there as it is very central and its layout of squares and labyrinth of streets discourages the use of the car. It can also be reached by public transport, on the J line city bus.

There is, however, an area of outdoor parking alongside the Church of San Juan in Calle de la Abadía. It is also possible to leave the car by the side of the river, down Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez.


The tapas bars are an excellent option to start the night. Places such as La Tapería Raval, in the Plaza Mayor; Picnic and D´Pata Negra, at 1 and 20 Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, respectively, El Raspa and Bar Paquito, at Calle Isaac Peral, 8 and 14 or La Teulera (Luis Vives, 25), provide a friendly, family environment in addition to an extensive range of tapas.

Tea Houses

In Porta de les Tafulles, 18, La Cuna tea house has a multicultural air about it. By night it becomes a bar with concerts and live music on Thursdays. The decor is totally unique, with an interior courtyard and a range of different reserved areas.

Calle Mayor del Raval, 4, plays host to another tea house, Adarve, which has a great atmosphere and which also turns into a bar for beers and other drinks by night. At times, its walls are used to exhibit the works of artists which are also sold here.

Adarve tetería (El Raval)

En el corazón del barrio ilicitano de El Raval se ubica esta agradable tetería. El local está muy bien decorado y presenta…

La cuna tetería (El Raval)

En el barrio del raval, en una antigua casa tradicional con su patio, un lugar donde tomarte un té, un cóctel con tus amigos…

Patio Quilombo (Zona Raval-portes encarnaes)

Patio Quilombo es una casa abandonada reconvertida en Club Multicultural que alberga exposiciones, actuaciones…