A place to acquire excellent products at the best prices is our destination and Elche Business Park the privileged location.

Just seven kilometres from the city centre and a similar distance from Elche´s airport, the Ruta Outlet provides an unrefusable proposal for shopping at unbeatable prices. It is made up of 29 companies of top brands from a variety of sectors including footwear, textiles, food, accessories, cosmetics and furniture. Leading names of proven quality, such as Cuplé, Garvalin, Geox, Gioseppo, Kelme, Mustang, Nordikas, Pikolinos, Tempe (Inditex) and Wonders, are some of our most outstanding flagship brands.

The regular opening hours of the shops are from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00 Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00. At certain times of year, some establishments do not close at midday.

Elche Business Park, where 319 companies from a variety of sectors are housed, spearheaded by the footwear and textile industries, is also an attractive architectural space with convenient access and no difficulty for parking. It is a true example of how to combine productivity and quality of life. There is no shortage of the all-pervasive Elche palm trees along its roads and in its abundant green spaces.

Further adding to its attractiveness are the dozen restaurants and cafes, as well as the Port Hotel , in the small Elche town of Torrellano.

At the headquarters of the MTNG group, the Mustang Art Gallery (MAG) offers lectures, concerts, exhibitions and workshops. Mustang’s Pascual Ros Aguilar Foundation supports social, cultural and sporting initiatives. The Juan Perán Foundation, of the Pikolinos group, works towards the same ends. Pikolinos also has a footwear museum on the top floor of its shop.

Elche Business Park is linked to the city of Elche and to the airport by local bus services.

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