The Elche coastline is an ideal spot for engaging in the sport of diving in any of its forms. Owing to the proximity of the island of Tabarca, one of the most important marine reserves in Spain, oceanic Posidonian beds and typical deep sea rock flora, such as green and red seaweed, may be seen on its rich sea beds. The marine fauna present includes grouper, bream, salema, lobster, fan mussels and even loggerhead turtles, which are in danger of extinction, as well as spectacular star fish.


A diving mask, snorkel and fins, in addition to the extraordinary Elche seabed, are the only requirements for the enjoyment of snorkelling, or free diving, a widespread practice along the nine kilometres of Elche´s coastline.

During the mild winters in the region, which make diving possible all year round, it is advisable to wear a wetsuit.

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