Go birdwatching in the Nature Reserves of El Hondo and Las Salinas, as well as in the Clot de Galvany.

Dive to the wonderous seabeds of the Elche coast.

Stroll through the groves of palm trees following the Palm Grove Walk, which is clearly marked out, through the pine forests which lie alongside some of our beaches and through our parks and countryside.

Fly in a balloon over the vast expanses of palm groves, beaches and wetlands.

Skate on ice at one of only two rinks which exist in the Valencian Region.

Share a day with the sea lions, guacamayos, giraffes and the Asian elephant at the Rio Safari Park, which specialises in the rearing and caring for exotic animals.

And, for the little ones, there are exciting adventures to be had in the company of that lovable character Ili Palmir.

Who could resist so many different and action packed temptations?


Naturalists and lovers of bird watching will discover the presence of unique colonies of resident…

Scuba diving

The Elche coastline is an ideal spot for engaging in the sport of diving in any of its forms. Owing to the proximity…


The geography of Elche is conditioned by water and its usage. In the wetland areas, the irrigation channels…

Balloon flights

To view the district of Baix Vinalopó from more than one thousand metres above is an exhilarating experience.

Patinaje sobre hielo

La actividad deportiva de patinar sobre hielo es una experiencia única, especialmente para los niños…

Touristic Bikes

Bicycles rental, (2 with baby carrier seats, prior booking required) and helmets.

Elche tourist train

Discover Elche aboard the Trenet, Elche tourist train. During its forty-minutes-tour, it is visited the most emblematic…

Río Safari

It seems that the destiny of the centennial palm grove, made up of about four…

Elche Palmeral Aventuras

Elche Palmeral Aventuras es un complejo de ocio, integrado en uno de los espacios verdes de la ciudad de Elche…

Parapark Elche

Una hora. Y decenas de interrogantes por resolver. Solo si se solucionan se llega a la salida. Parece un juego de mesa, pero…

Surf, sailing and kayak

It has become a place that has drawn so many people thanks to his passion for the sea as he instructs you about sailing, surf or diving.