The Casa del Belén offers visitors a series of nativity scenes, dioramas, collections and figures, which include part of the work of the Elche Nativity Scene Association throughout its twenty-six years of experience, as well as samples of temporary exhibitions by different artisans.

On the ground floor, presided over by the Pastry chef with the coat of arms of the Nativity Scene Association of Elche, and by the flag of the association, there is a Monumental Nativity Scene of Elche, which represents the Birth of Jesus in a scene from the beginning of the 20th century in the Plaza de Baix (de Baix square), at the gates of the Elche Town Hall.

On this floor there is also a small collection of nativity scenes from around the world, presented inside clay cash boxes. Also, two dioramas show examples of biblical nativity scenes. In the same room, in a showcase, you can see the figures of Olot (in the province of Gerona, Catalonia) from a nativity scene from the 50s (on loan by the Parish of San José), as well as some cribs from different countries given away by the association. Other pieces occupy the room, including a collection of miniature lanterns with scenes from a nativity scene.

On the first floor there is a Monumental Biblical Nativity Scene and four dioramas, which show everyday scenes from Elche from the beginning of the 20th century. One of them refers to the manufacture of “atxes” or torches that are burned in Elche to accompany the Three Kings parade. This plant is completed with various pieces and with other nativity scenes, one of them monumental, and with two showcases with figures made by nativity scene artisans.

The second floor houses a monumental nativity scene with figures of fifty centimeters. This floor is completed with a “Temporary Monographic Exhibition by Manuel Nicolás Almansa”, a well-known Murcian craftsman of great prestige.


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