Three Balinese-style beach huts hidden away among the dunes and a few parasols give away the Life Beach Club location; this is a relaxing leisure spot that is in perfect harmony with nature. Yet a lot is going on at this beach; to start with, there are activities starting early, very early in the morning. With the first rays of sunrise hitting the shore, we find yoga and SUP lovers starting their classes with the soothing sound of the waves in the background. Sitting on their mats, participants explore the connection between body and mind under the guidance of a specialized instructor. The activity combines the physical aspect: movement dynamics and muscular strength, with the mental aspect by way of breathing and relaxation techniques that allow us to experiment a state of wellbeing.

At half past eleven in the morning these morning activities become lively salsa and meringue dance classes that may be combined with aerobic, cardio, aqua gym or toning up classes. Meanwhile, those in search of peace and quiet can bask in the sun on comfortable deck chairs as they savour delicious fruit and fruit juices.

But it’s not just about dancing and relaxing. Life Beach Club also offers a whole host of activities aimed at enjoying the sea in all its splendour. Nautical sports to be enjoyed here include catamaran sailing, diving or snorkelling in the placid waters of Los Arenales. Windsurf, kite-surf, dinghy sailing, catamaran sailing, surfing, body-board, wakeboard, SUP anddiving are just some of the sports that can be enjoyed and even combined with Olympic-style games on the beach. You can also enjoy riding in a beach “banana” buggy or put some beach skates on.

There’s something for everyone

At reception, you’ll be able consult the nautical library or find out about the sporting profile of Daniel Parres, the creator of Life Beach Club, thanks to an exhibition that has been set up there. There is no question that, for Daniel Parres, an expert windsurf sportsman, the wind is synonymous with freedom and that he feels at home by the deep blue of the sea. He was spurred on by his adventurous spirit to create Life Beach Club in Elx. It has become a place that has drawn so many people thanks to his enthusiasm; during the day, his passion for the sea is infectious as he instructs you about sailing, surf or diving. His aim is the enjoyment of people learning to find the right wave or tackling that perfect gust of wind, just as he truly enjoys it.

However at night, sport makes way for music and monologues. Life Beach Club transforms itself.

A unique atmosphere on the shores of the Mediterranean or just a really great way to enjoy the beach all year round.