It seems that the destiny of the centennial palm grove, made up of about four thousand trees and known as Los Leones or The Lions, in reference to the two sculptures at its entrance, was preordained.

This was the location selected to establish the Rio Safari Elche Park in 1983, by the CV 865 road which links Elche, which is nine kilometres away, and Santa Pola, just four kilometres away. 

A Hundred Species

Rio Safari Park are specialists in rearing and caring for wild and exotic animals. Sea lions, antelopes, ostriches, bisons, boa constrictors, zebras, chameleons, cockatoos, chimpanzees, crows, llamas, jaguars, dromedaries, hippos and giraffes may be found here amongst almost a hundred species and nearly 800 animals.

To enjoy their unique company a guided tour by train may be taken around the park. There are also various shows to enjoy including the sea lions, with the possibility of bathing in their company and the guacamayos.

Rio Safari Elche, through its charitable foundation, has developed a therapeutic programmes involving sea lions, designed for people with disabilities.


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