Les Pesqueres-El Rebollo

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Between La Marina and the mouth of the segura River, two kilometres of fine, golden sand on the beach of Les Pesqueres - El Rebollo go deep into the local town of Guardamar del Segura. 

Catalogued with a blue flag status, it is an unspoilt area in which dunes and pines forests mix together, resulting in an ecosystem of high environmental value. An enclosed area that also has a restaurant along the access route, lifeguard vigilance, parking areas and regular bus services running towards and from Elche and the nearby town of San Fulgencio. There is likewise the possibility to do water sports, thanks to an area reserved solely for this purpose.



General information

Degree Urbanization: Rustic Quality marks: Blue Flag

Type of Beach

Composition: Sand Type of Sand: Thin

How to get there?


Service from La Marina to the Les Pesqueres beach. For 1 Euro, it leaves from the MASA housing development and will stop along the Avenida de la Alegría, in the city centre of the hamlet. It runs with a frequency of 30 minutes until the first week of September.

From 7th July to 7th September

For timetables see SERVICIO URBANO LA MARINA-PLAYAS DE LA MARINA (Les Pesqueres and El Pinet) Vegabus

Stops in MASA-Intercontinental on route to La Marina-playas: 9:10-10:40*-12:10-13:40-16:10-17:40

*This service runs to the beach El Pinet 

 Stops in LA MARINA on route to the beaches: 9:15-10:45-12:15-13:45-16:15-17:45

Returns from BEACHES LA MARINA: 9:45-11:15-12:45-14:15*-16:45-18:15

*This service returns from the beach El Pinet



Direct service Elche-La Hoya-Playa de La Marina


Leaves Elche at 11:30, passes through La Hoya at 11:45 and returns from Playa de La Marina at 18:15

*Free service for the holders of the tarjeta dorada and bus lliure card. 


Services and Infrastructures

Facilities for Disabled

Accessible for handicapped Accessible for handicapped

Contact data


Address: None Playa de Les Pesqueres-El Rebollo


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