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In addition to its great cultural wealth, Elche provides an excellent gastronomy, in which a wide variety of local products are used. A rich orchard and the proximity of the coast influenced the history of the local gastronomy. Arroz con costra (egg-baked rice) is the best known dish of the Elche gastronomy although rabbit and snails paella and the traditional "Puchero con pelotas" (a kind of meatballs stew) are also outstanding. The mullet of El Hondo with garlic mayonnaise and the coastal seafood are also highly appreciated.

As for desserts, the local natural fruits (dates, figs, pomegranates...) as well as the traditional "Tortada de Elche" (almond cake) and the block of dried figs are outstanding. Among the traditional beverages you can find the "Cantueso" (thyme liqueur), the "Paloma" or "Nugolet" (anisette dissolved in water with lemon and sugar) and the date liqueur.

If you are looking for a place in which you can taste and enjoy its wonderful gastronomy, there is a wide range of restaurants in the city as well as in other areas surrounding Elche, as for example in the countryside, which are available for the visitors. These restaurants offer traditional Mediterranean food, international cuisine and the most up-to-date author's cuisine. However, if you wish to have some "tapas" or appetizers, there are some interesting places in which you can taste the most exquisite products.


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