Elche offers many possibilities for organising business meetings, congresses and all manner of events in countless unique spots that range from a splendid palm grove, to a courtyard of a medieval castle or indeed modern sporting facilities.

For a congress or speech where you expect a large turnout, the Gran Teatro is a great choice because of its city-centre location and seating capacity (779 people in comfortable stall seats). The building was opened in 1920 and was known as the Teatro Kursaal until 1939. In the 1990s, after comprehensive restoration work, it regained its past splendour. The acoustics are excellent.

In the singular Huerto del Cura garden it is possible to enjoy the catering service offered by the Hotel Huerto del Cura during the course of business meetings; the garden is a natural, unique, exotic and very pleasant spot for such meetings.

In the heart of the Municipal Park

The broad expanse known as La Rotonda del Parque Municipal, is often used for performances and concerts; it comes complete with a large stage, a large grassy area for the public and the possibility of setting up rows of chairs. It is located at the heart of an extraordinary natural space and is an attractive option if big crowds are expected for an event.

Another good choice is the Hort del Xocolater, an annex to the park and property of Fundación Caja Mediterráneo . It offers a spacious area, ideal for presentations, video screening and concerts. Each year the Elche International Film Festival takes place here.

The Palace of Altamira offers its internal courtyard which is suitable for banquets and product launches. The nearby Moorish-style Calahorra Tower can also be used for business events and presentations.

Sports venues, natural spaces

The seating capacity of the Martínez Valero stadium which is the home ground of the Elche C.F. football team is for 39,000 people; it was one of the sites of the 1982 World Cup Championship.

La Ciudad Deportiva (literally: sporting city) can also host big events and competitions. It has modern facilities for sports such as soccer, tennis, pelota, rugby, swimming, volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, hockey, basketball, and skating.

The local natural spaces are also splendid settings for all manner of business events. The nature reserves of El Hondo and Las Salinas, Clot de Galvany and the beaches of Elche can become unique backdrops for the promotional needs of business.

Elche Convention Bureau is the managing foundation that can assist in the organisation of any event.


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Gran Teatro

El Gran Teatro dedica su espacio al uso propio de las artes escénicas, atiende actos populares como pregones, actos institucionales…


Jardín Huerto del Cura

El Huerto del Cura, declarado en 1943 Jardín Artístico Nacional, tiene una superficie de 12.000 m2…


Huerto de San Plácido

El Huerto de San Plácido se encuentra en el Museo del Palmeral. Su amplio espacio rodeado de vegetación…


Rotonda Parque Municipal

El Parque Municipal forma parte del Palmeral de Elche. Dentro del parque destaca un lugar idóneo para la celebración de eventos…


Hort del Xocolater

El Hort del Xocolater es una finca, en su mayoría jardines, situada junto al Palmeral de Elche y el centro histórico y comercial de…


Patio de Armas del Palacio de Altamira

El Palacio de Altamira es una de las fortalezas mejor conservadas de la provincia de Alicante. Su patio de armas…


Torre de la Calahorra

Construcción integrada en la antigua muralla, que perdió 10 de sus 25 metros a causa de un terremoto en 1829…


Centro Cultural Las Clarisas

El Centro Cultural Las Clarisas se encuentra dentro del antiguo convento abierto para visitas turísticas y para eventos…


Huerto de la Torre de los Vaillo

El Huerto de la Torre de Vaillo esta enmarcado en pleno Palmeral con una ubicación privilegiada para poder apreciar el entorno…


Estadio Martínez Valero

Construcción integrada en la antigua muralla, que perdió 10 de sus 25 metros a causa de un terremoto en 1829…